28 May 2013

My Lost Turtle, The Free Turtle

When something wrong is going to happen you feel the energy from the first hour but because we are just human we can comprehend it only after it has happened. This morning I was up by 6:30 AM, something very strange for someone who sleeps at 3AM, and then by 7:30 AM I sneaked out of home with our pet turtle. I was like a little boy, wanting to let my turtle play in the Blue Pond which my class created in the school.
The Pond
The little creature lost its friend last year and had been alone in the aquarium so far. If he could talk he would have asked us to set him free rather than being alone among colorful stones in glass confinement. I took him out once and promised to take him once the pond is done. Yesterday I changed the water and cleaned the pond to welcome him there. kezang hates my rashness, therefore I ran out when she was still in bed.
The turtle in the Pond was an instant hit, there were students who never saw one in real before and there were teachers who knew everything about it but yet to see one outside TV. Excited kids wanted to touch it, feel its hardness, see it react, throw pebbles at it when I wasn't looking. I said nothing, I wanted them to experience it. There was crowd after crowd around the pond when I left for class.
During the First Outing
I finished my class with VIII C and rush back to the Pond to find no one around, and my dear turtle gone. The boy who was supposed to look after it has gone to his class too. I searched for my turtle everywhere around the pond and soon called off the search hoping the boy would have kept it somewhere safe.
The boy came to me asking where the turtle is, and perhaps he saw the color change on my face. Soon it was toilet break and dozens of students came to see the turtle but the poor thing was lost. Everybody helped in the search operation. There was no clue about what happened to the turtle, given it's speed it couldn't have ran so far from our reach, its hard shell would have protected it from birds and dogs, what else could have happened?
I couldn't go for lunch, because I was answerable to Kezang who has invested so much of herself to the little animal- from feeding to cleaning. It was her companion when I am in school. I snatched it away from her.
But looking at it from the other side, turtles, or for that matter any animal, are not meant to be kept in glass confinement, there are born free and deserve to be free. We humans exercise our supremacy over all species; eating what can be eaten, taming what can be tamed, and imprisoning beautiful creature for life by giving them a sweet name called 'Pet'. My lost turtle is finally liberated, hope it didn't land up with someone else to be confined in glass box again, hope it didn't land up in a dog's mouth to be crushed to death, I only pray that it finds its way to the river to be washed down to where it belongs, where he will find his kind, to play to mate and to reproduce his genes. Bye little one, farewell.

Lesson: I shouldn't be rash, must fence the Pond before I bring in the fishes and other aquatic lives I could get.


  1. Aie....I can feel the pain of departure from the way you interpreted, yet you gave a good reason. That is what i always see in you, good human. I just wish everybody feel the same. And I have my share of prayer for your dear turtle to be free. But I could smell something twisted, I anticipate it being stolen by some other, and be confined again.Let it be free, my prayers.

  2. Thats how I felt when I lost my beloved cat :(

  3. Lo... I didn't even know that you had one. It is sad that you have lost it. However, as you said, it deserves to be freed and go where it belongs. But I also doubt someone might have lifted it. It might come back to you if that's the case. Cheers!

  4. Awfully sad farewell. I just hope the turtle is safe and back to where it belonged originally.

    The pond seems amazing in the picture. I have been in Wangdue all my life and haven't visited Bajo school for so long now. I used to visit my brother some six years back when he was studying there. Next time I'm in Wangdue I will make a point to see your blue pond in school :)

    Btw where did the turtle come from originally? I'm a little curious now, I have my fondness for turtle as well.

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  6. God will not spare the culprit behind the lost of the cute turtle.;(


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