15 May 2013

#SherigCollection in my School

I am very happy that Sherig Collection brought Boaz Shmueli and Galit Shmueli to my school, which was a sudden decision of Boaz after he saw my tweets about the Book Fair and teacher crowd in our football ground. We pitched a tent outside the book fair stall with two computers and ended up stealing the show from the main event. We invited every passing teacher to our tent and no teacher left without being thoroughly amazed.
See how we stole the show!
Sherig Collection is a selfless initiative by Rigsum where Boaz and Galit work. It's a collection of offline learning resources for children, and if you are a teacher, student or a concerned parent you must get it. It's now available in nine Dzongkhags, with teachers who attended the Book Fair in Bajothang. Details of the sources can be obtained from Sherig Collection Facebook Group. If you are in or close to Wangdue I am your server. 
Busy in Bajothang
The Sherig Collection is basically a 24GB answer to all Bhutanese issues such as internet connectivity, internet speed, budget limitations and computer efficiency. It's too good to be true and you must own it to believe it. Come with external hard drive! 

When two of them were not so busy I chanced to  show them around. They were full of appreciation for the so many creative works done by our students.
At WiFiPark gate with Gasa Principal

Near Curiosity Post 

Thanks to my 8 C students who helped in pitching the tent and to Chidanand and other eLearning Club members who sticked around helping the team during the weekend. And Thank you Rigsum and team for Sherig Collection. I hope, and will work toward reaching, the collection to as many schools as possible. 


  1. Hello sir, its good to know that you are doing so many creative and wonderful tasks. I would also love to have that so called Sherig Collection. By the way, I am a teacher at Ramjar MSS, T/yangtse.

  2. Sir Sonam Dorji, when you pass by Wangdue, if you have anybody going this way, send an external hard drive. I will load the package and send.
    Or in Thimphu you can get it from Rigsum.

  3. I guess i'm quite late to get the news. I should have checked your blog. Maybe this is what my Passudiary mean to me. Without it i'm out of track. Anyways this sherig collection seems very interesting. I'l ask my principal,if he got it and if he don't have, i guess m going to send my hard drive to you passu sir.

  4. Dechen Ugyen, I am happy you are in #SherigCollection Facebook Group already, now you don't worry, Everything will be alright.
    Thanks for coming back on to my blog after long break!

  5. Ok sir. Couldnot read it for a while but will keep reading now. Do keep on writing.tc


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