12 June 2013

At the Mercy of Chimi R Namgyal's Pencil

Three things government officials and politicians don't like to come under are Tripper Truck's tyre, Tenzing Lamsang's Pen, and Chimi R Namgyal's Pencil. But crazy adventurous soul of mine seeks to put me under the mercy of the famous pencil of the great young cartoonist. I always had this deepest desire to be caricatured by Chimi, but it's going to take a long time for me to become his subject at his freewill because I have no intention of joining politics and nor have talent enough to be a great personality worthy of his artistic investment. 
So I chose a shortcut to this dream, I directly asked him to consider me as his subject and threw myself at the mercy of Chimi R Namgyal's Pencil. For days I spent sleepless nights worrying what this artist would make of me. I know what he has done with so many people. I buy Bhutan Observer paper only to have a look at his cartoons. It felt like waiting for Board exam paper in High School days. And the Result came out on 11 June 2013.
Kezang and my daughter couldn't help looking at me and the cartoon from time to time in between their laughter. I spent hours marveling at the magic of his hand. Now I am going to use this as my profile picture on all my social media accounts. Thank you Chimi, you are great!


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