11 June 2013

Politically Correct

I found out that throughout this season I am the only fool who has not written anything political on my blog, nor anywhere else. It's not because I am the social media monitor but because I learned from hundreds of debates I read night after night that everybody is right in their own views and that nothing is going to change. Some friends think I must be among those many anonymous writers but I must clarify I didn't find the need to because among thousands of views expressed I saw views that matched mine and that's it.

But today I found something political to write about. National Council Election was long done and forgotten in the midst of National Assembly Election. And where are all the Campaign posters and Banners gone? Those huge pictures are very expensive but within few weeks it is nothing more than a huge pile of toxic waste.

Interestingly, my colleague Lopen Phuba has requested Wangdue NC Dasho Tashi Dorji to give us his campaign banner. And this afternoon we have created the biggest framed photo of Wangdue Dzong using the campaign banner- without the picture of the candidate on the side (:D)

Campaign Banner minus Candidate's Picture is equal to the Biggest Framed picture of Wangdue Dzong!!
This huge frame will be the centeral piece on the enterance wall of the Administration Building in Bajothang High School, thanks to Dasho Tashi Dorji and Lopen Phuba. I am sharing this to let you know that no matter who wins this election, right after the campaign period is over you must try and grab some of their campaign banners to create something like this. This is politically correct!


  1. Hi Passu, that's cool. Can I get 1 too? Hahaha.... Just kidding :)

  2. Hi Passu,

    Politically correct or wrong, I am liking your new template. the caricature of yours even makes it look better.

    Please request Chimi R. Namgyel to make one of mine tooo...


  3. You aren't the only one. I have not written anything about politics either.

    You always have great ideas!! Keep it up.

  4. Nice job Passu. About the political statement, i did try in my last post but had to forgo it half way. Reason: Political news changed hourly and that confused me thoroughly!

  5. very few bhutanese have strong, appropriate political views...good one


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