05 June 2013

Lamperi Park- A Place to Visit

I have travelled this road thousand times and for thousand times I have looked at the gate of Lamperi Botanical Park and wondered what must be there beyond the gate and wall. But I never had time to stop for a while and walk into the park- well today I asked myself, how long am I going to deny my excitement? How long am I going to rush through life and leave behind simple joy of living?

It's a wonderland beyond that gate. Nu.10 ticket has priceless experience to offer. There is a lake (tsho) with boating facility on the side, Orchid garden, Rhododendron Garden, Rock Garden, Children's Park, Medicinal Plant garden, library and the whole park is connected with Bike trail where mountain biking facility is offered (Nu.100/hr). If you are hungry there is a cafeteria and if you are pissy there are clean toilets around, but don't go behind the bushes- keep the park clean. The park is also open for night camping at Nu.30 per person and if you opt for guest house it's Nu.250 per person. (Full Details can be seen in the picture)
Enlarge and look for details
For a man like me who grew up in country it's like going back home but for someone like my daughter and all the kids who were born and bred away from roots it's like taking them to a fairy land and connecting them to who they really are.(entry for kids below 12 is free)
And for couples who haven't had much to to talk to each other recently, the park offers you the correct mood and setting to look at eachother and talk life. There is no TV, no WiFi, no Cars, no shopping, just the person you love in front with birds singing from the woods. Refresh your romance once in a while.
Taking my hyper daughter to the calm lake

One of the many interesting creations

After The Queen Grandmother- Rhododendron Kesangiae, seen in Rhododendron Garden

Another place to sit and romance

See the Orchid Garden beyond the bridge

 I am already planning my next trip there with pack lunch during a sunny holiday. I hope you will do that too.


  1. You opened my eyes. Just like you i have crossed the path a thousand times now but haven't had the thought to visit it. We, Bhutanese are normally like that, we fail to appreciate what is right before us.

    The night camping excites me, its a to-visit list for me now.

    Thanks so much for the information! M soon planning on a weekend :)

  2. It's a million lucky for you Passu Sir. I haven't been to the Botanical Park once also. If I am not mistaken, I believe it is in Thimphu or is it, somewhere? I am sorry. I have no idea. I never got a chance to visit one.
    Well, now, it's just a place to explore when I get back to Bhutan. Thanks for sharing an amazing post like you always do.


  3. Ok I have attracted three bloggers to the park, what more can I ask. And with their visit the park is going to be featured in three more blogs:
    Yeeshi's "Hear My Voice"
    Kunzang's "Writing My Own Unwritten Lines"
    and Rekha's "i Relate To That"

    and Yeesi, the park is across Dochula toward Wangdue-at Lamperi.

    When you guys visit, let me know!

  4. I really wanna go there. Had no idea this place existed in Bhutan.... I wish this park was where I am now


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