10 June 2013

Place to Escape Heat in Wangdue

Hotel Pema Karpo is a three star hotel in Bajothangu, opened recently, that's not important because I don't need a hotel here. The best part of this hotel is the swimming pool it has in the backyard. It's the first and the only swimming pool in entire Wangdue. The hotel has opened its swimming pool facility to public on pay per use basis or on monthly membership fee.
I have a Dream, yes I have a dream that one day I will jump into the pool without floater
Just a thought of swimming pool brings a cooling effect in place like Bajothang and actually having it is a heavenly feeling. This afternoon it was very hot, right time to take my family to the pool along with two family friends. The idea excited my little mermaid while Kezang was there just to watch us. She wouldn't even touch the water but my little one would not come out of the water until we called the security to scare her out.
While I talk so fondly of water and swimming pool I must confess I can't swim, the only style of swimming I know is so rustic that it was banned by my wife. So until I learn a decent style I spend my time on floaters and on the children's side of pool.

Information for interested visitors: The water is very clean and management very friendly.
The fee is as follows:
Adults: Nu.150 per person for 3 hours and children Nu.100.
Monthly membership fee: Nu.1500
Location: Bajothangu (Between Bajothang and Samthang)


  1. Is this the blue pond that your school constructed? I really appreciate what you are doing.

    I actually wanted to tell you that I was showing your pictures of you and your daughter playing in the water to my daughter -- and she liked them.

  2. lucky guys... you to get to dip into the swimming pool at this time of year... I too wish to splash around with water now because here it is terribly hot but ill luck no pool facilities around :(

    Just wanted to wish you luck n I m sure some day you can jump into the pool without a floater...u just need a lil practice... All the best!!!

  3. Hi Passu,
    Thanks for the info. Water looks clean, atleast in your pic :) I am taking my family there soon. Bajothangu is s strange name. At first I thought it was a typo.


  4. So much place to go. So much place to explore.
    I have yet another place to visit. The environment is definitely looking clean and just can't wait for another hot summer in Bhutan.

    P,s, Take a swimming class with friends in a stream nearby (FOR FREE) :D
    In btw, your daughter is looking cute.

  5. Keep entering the pool for skills would develop with time. I too started learning here in Australia knowing 'I don't know swimming' is never a good excuse for friends around.

    BTW, please bless me with your visit and a comment on my blog which is created for academic assignment purpose, at http://www.chokitshewang.blogspot.com. Thanks.


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