16 October 2010

Business Bhutan?

My friend Ngwang (link to his Business Bhutan profile) writes often for Business Bhutan and he would ask me if I read his stories. But the sad story is that I could never get the paper in Wangdue. I was looking for it since last year when I heard that they have published my article "Freestyle Dance and Bhutanese kids". They didn't ask for permission and I didn't mind even but I wanted to read that paper, especially Ngwang's stories.

Ngwang was in Thimphu a few days ago and visited Business Bhutan office. Though it was his first meeting with the people there he was very happy about their impression about him through his contributions. He took my frustration of not getting the paper to their notice, to which he was told that there is an outlet in Wangdue.

I knew it was the shop which sold the other papers and went straight there. The shop had all the papers except the one I wanted. I bought a copy each of Kuensel, Bhutan Observer, Bhutan Today and Bhutan Times and dared to ask the harsh lady if she sells Business Bhutan. Without even looking at me she announced,
"Business Bhutan?? There is no such paper". As if don't know!
Then I asked, "Is there any other shop that sells papers?"
A costumer quickly answered for her, "this is the only shop that sells all the papers."
Then the shop lady added, "Did you mean 'Business'? I think you are talking about that yellow headed paper, it's not 'Business Bhutan', it is Business".
Then I knew she never saw the small "bhutan" under the big "business". Well whatever, "do you sell that 'business' ?"
She said, "you will never get one because I get only 10 copies and they are all subscribed."

The small 'bhutan' under big 'business'
Today I went to the same shop to buy BMobile's power voucher; unfortunate though but she happens to be the seller for that too and even magazines. She didn't have that but to my surprise I found a Business Bhutan paper on the shelf. I quickly took one. My god, it is the 56th issue and so far this is my first buy. I don't know how it is available today! After I paid her off I couldn't help pointing at the small 'bhutan' to her. She didn't seem happy about that though I enlightened her...

P:S: I couldn't find The Journalist in Wangdue either.


  1. This made me laugh! What's up with this shopkeeper? I like your persistence. Hope to read more of your work in Business Bhutan.

  2. Ha ha ha... So business it is then! And it is Bhutan dear; consumers can never expect friendliness from 'Bhutanese' shopkeepers. Anyways, interesting read. Hope you have better encounter(s) with the newspaper lady from now on.
    I noticed couple of typos but I am not sure how to correct. I forgot the procedure. :D

  3. Linda, thanks for laughing. and forgive the shopkeeper and her halfhearted business. I would have known every story in the paper, let alone the name, if I were her. By the way, i don't write for Business Bhutan but since you do i will read yours, now that we get the paper here.

  4. Auro,
    Of all the people she is not someone i could expect friendliness from. But unfortunately she deals in every service I am interested in and until the new town begins in bajothang she is the only option.

  5. So sorry BB published your post without permission. I will have a word with them about that - sounds like other Bhutanese bloggers have had issues with that with other papers, too. Oh, not sure if you know this but I am here working as a consultant at Business Bhutan. I met Ngwang for just a moment last week.

    You didn't mention if you actually liked the paper enough to subscribe!

  6. Dear Andrea,
    Thank you for concerning but tell them that I didn't mind.
    Well Business bhutan is my top priority since I am an aspiring businessman. It has more than just business to feed my big literary stomach too.

    The paper presents maturity both in design and content. The Website is another big assert of BB- good design, well organized and regularly updated.

  7. it was gud till mr. lamsang was der. with him has gone wat is of interest 2 me.


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