18 October 2010

Dear Students- IV : More you study Luckier you get

How was the first paper this morning?
I was on invigilation duty this morning and the three hours of silence really put me to test. Three hundred thoughts ran across my mind and three hundred bones ached in my body- how many bones are there in our body actually? Doesn’t matter, because every bone ached.
Luckily my chair had cushion on it and I had the freedom to move around and out. I was given tea and biscuit. But I was worried about you. If you have undergone the physical training I prescribed earlier, it would have helped. Did it?
Many of you had running nose; not that I saw your nose running over the table but I heard and felt your utter discomfort as you rubbed your nose between the words. It is not because of cold as you might assume, rather because of the unusual physical and mental stress. You can call it exam-flu. If your body is used to such stress on regular basis the problem would disappear itself. This is where your physical preparation comes handy. I bet you won’t have the nose problem by the time you do your last two papers, and that’s because your body gets tuned finally.
One girl grew restless in my hall and I was worried she might be up to something. Halfway through she handed me her finished paper. By rule nobody can leave until the last half an hour of the exam time. She was however desperately in need of toilet. It is a big funny problem. Everybody laughed. Lucky for her that it happened during the trial exam otherwise it could compromise the quality of all her answers. It can happen to anybody and taking care of your body especially during the exam should be considered important. Keep yourself warm, do not eat unusual food, don’t overeat, don’t under-eat even, and do your businesses with toilet before you enter the hall.
I have my best wishes for you and want to wish you all the luck in the world. But as far as I have known exam it always occurred to me that the more I studies luckier I got.  If you didn’t study anything at all even luck will be helpless. Same is the case with visiting lhakhang and offering butter lamp before your exam, no matter how many kgs of dalda you offered finally what matters is how much you studied. You can’t bribe god it write exam for you.
Your trial is a scale that measures your readiness for the final exam and I hope you will put in your best to get the correct reading, which will motivate your additional preparation for the board exam.


  1. exam time is study hours..that's what i used to take it when i was in primary school. in high school, it was something different. the day one starts your beginning of making to the exam hall and coming out having done something best to one's ability and knowledge. Longer you are with books, better you get along with the book, thus getting closer in doing something better for but yourself.
    God helps those who help themselves. its so common, we hear that in every little speech students give. let me take this opportunity to share one small story which i came across in the book -You can Win by Shiv Khera. There is a flood in the town. everyone runs for their life. One devotee of God insists God will rescue him. Water level rises, trucks come to rescue him. Again he insists God. On the top floor, helicopter comes to rescue him as water level drowns ground floor. Finally man died of drowning. And there he was before the God blaming God for not coming to save his life. But God replies " Who do you think those rescue men, trucks, and helicopters were sent to save you?"

  2. exactly Sogyel, I want my students to understand that and hope your story reaches them. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Dear Passu Sir,
    I read many of your letters to your students and also the articles. So interesting and an inspiring teacher you are. Though i didnt study in your class i feel i am more of it as you taught my mates.

    So inspiring letters sir. I will surely read other writings as well!

    Thank you sir for the inspiration.

  4. reading your blog always gives me this sense of belongingness to a particular place or situation or moments you write about sir, especially i feel the touch of Bajothang spirit in every bit of your writing and how i miss attending your computer and maths class :)
    best wishes with everything sir, yours "once-upon-time" gi student, Harry potty :)


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