21 October 2010

Loving Jungle Book and Hating Tiger

Mowgli Riding on Bagheera (alexross.com)

Mowgli playing with Baloo (startedbyamouse.com)
Shere Khan- the hated tiger (bandofcats.com)
Tiger- almost disappearing from the wild!
I first read Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book (Ladybird edition) somewhere in early 90s, when I actually couldn't read well. I enjoyed the pictures. And recently I watched the animation movie of the book with my friend's son. It was amazing. I borrowed the DVD and watched to over and over. I want to get a copy for my daughter. I can already imagine how exciting it would be for her.

She would love Mowgli, and may fantasize herself riding on Baloo or Bagheera and sleeping in the curl of Kaa. She would hate Shere Khan, the tiger and wish if Akela, Baloo and Bagheera could come together and kill the cat. I hated the tiger back then. So must be the feeling among children across the world who read the book or watched the movie.

Could it be the cause of disappearance of tiger population? Everybody was a child once, and therefore must have love The Jungle Book and hated tiger. We grew up with the feeling that tiger is a bad animal. I have forgiven Shere Khan and started loving tigers, but will tigers forgive Rudyard Kipling and his The Jungle Book?

It may not be possible to change the character in The Jungle Book but someone could write a nice book on tigers for children and let Save the Tigers publish it, and let Disney make a cartoon. If we have to start something it should be with children.


  1. Have you heard the cheery song from the Jungle Book - The Bare Necessities?
    It's nice :)

  2. Thanks ma'am. I will check it out.
    By the way i got your letter, sent from China...funny you addressed it to Bumthang instead of Wangdue...it took much longer. I feel bad about not replying them. Nice cover...but couldn't read chinese!

  3. Hi Passang

    Haha... I guess I got the addresses of the schools all mixed up... :)

    Well, on the envelope were 2 things significant about China - The World Expo in Shanghai (that took place after many years of planning) and it also commemorated an important event in the country - sending its first Chinese up in the space :)

  4. Thanks sir PaSsu, for showing the fault in our stars.
    it's been almost a year that i'm also searching jungle book.


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