23 October 2010

A Show for Tourists

I watched Jampa Lhakhang Drup live on BBS this morning. It has something different to offer than Tshechus and I want to watch it once.
 However, as the camera turned around to show the spectators I was surprised to see more cameras than eyes and more pants than ghos and kiras. It almost looked like some press conference of mask dancers. Whole thing only looked like a show for the tourists.

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  1. I remmeber that's an important celebration in Bhutan! Missed the ones that I saw at Paro - big celebrations and the huge thangkha.

    It's always a draw to the tourists. From what you've described, it sounded the modernization has caught up with the country, and the need to pay more attention the roots and culture as the country progresses? Hm... something to ponder...


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