18 October 2013

After So Many Wednesdays

I began a new club in my school called eLearning Club this year. The members were recruited from different levels and right on the first club day I fed them with big dreams. I presented to them what we are going to show to the school on the last day of the club, giving them the mental picture of the annual club exhibition day.
Members who presented on the Day, there are more outside the picture.

Over the many Wednesdays we met our ideas narrowed down to small projects and we divided ourselves into subjects groups to venture out hunting for materials. I let them know that there are endless resources on internet to bank on. By the second month Rigsum has launched their Sherig Collection and we didn't have to struggle much on international materials anymore.

However, we took inspiration from Sherig Collection and worked on our own tutorial videos and audio books. Some students produced impressive maths video tutorials. But we failed on recording videos of important Science experiments, this is something we will take up seriously next year.

Last Wednesday, the time finally came for us to show what we have done in so many Wednesdays and I reflected on the vision we had. We set up a projector, two laptops and a computer connected to 42" LCD screen.
Following are the works we exhibited.

  1. Animated offline webpage, which contained all our works subject-wise. We had video tutorials, question bank, presentations,... on various subjects in website.
  2. We had a presentation on our members' blogs.
  3. We had set up a laptop as a station for the visitors to listen to the audio book recording of "Dawa, the story of stray dog in Bhutan"
  4. We had digital comic books of many short stories taught in different levels of classes, and also had print version of some of them.
  5. We had another station where we had installed Rigsum Sherig Collection for demonstration and distribution. 

By the end of the exhibition, after over 700 visitors came in and walked out with excitement I knew we have lived the dream we saw on the first day. My Club members were so happy themselves and perhaps they now know what they have to do to make 2014 Exhibition even bigger.

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  1. You've also introduced your students in blogging, which is great on your part sir. They've already started doing well in blogging. I am follower to all the blogs you've listed.Keep inspiring sir.

  2. That was a great time sir..
    but starting today i am going to miss or every Wednesday's Club...
    these is going to be a history in my part as i started blogging from these club only..
    will miss all the friends and also my blogger friends mostly you sir...

  3. Thanks Sherab Tenzin. That will be a huge boost for my students. I hope other senior bloggers will do the same for them.

    Chidananda, don't worry, lets make everyday a Wednesday. Whenever you have a bright idea glowing in your head run to me. We can polish it anytime.

  4. PaSsu sir, its really amazing to see your work. what is more amazing is the path you have trodden for your students, especially the blogging part.

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  5. Keep it up Passu Sir, its such an inspiration to the other schools and teachers too

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