11 October 2013

Malala is 16 and Special, so are you

Malala Yousafzai is a girl born among guns and bombs, grew up with fear and finally became enemy to world's worst terrorist group: Taliban. She was 14 when she began her war for education for girls in Pakistan, took several bullets in her head yet she fights for education.
16-Year-Old Malala Yousafzai Leaves Jon Stewart Speechless
Our children are born in peace, brought up in peace, education is given as right and yet some do not understand the true worth of school. Teachers give endless speeches, parents give all they have and our country is trying desperately and children blame the world for their problems, which they sort themselves.

What's going through Malala's head and what is going through our children's head? Malala is just 16, in case you think you are too young to think about yourself. You may think Malala is special, god's special child, so you are. You must stop blaming everything and anything, leave behind lame excuses and make yourself useful.

Watch Malala speak in this video and reflect on your age and on your attitude to life and education.


  1. Wow heard many things about her though she is of my same age I am not good in anything else in particular like her.....

  2. i read somewhere that She has been nominated for the Nobel Peace prize 2013; hope she gets it. She really deserves it.

  3. It was just few days ago I was going through her online diary and her stories. It is achingly touching and inspiring with the strong message.Also she said that those people who don't have to struggle to get educated shouldn't take education for granted.

    Sir's last paragraph is powerful with special message especially dedicated to special people. Keep inspiring with your words.

  4. Passu sir,
    I am not sure if its true but i find it bit funny about the story (real) of Malala. Just wanted to share. Go through this: "http://dawn.com/news/1048776"

  5. Tshewang, I read that article and laughed whole afternoon. It's such a fake story with unlimited use of stupidity. Earwax to spiderman mask...
    Anyway thank for sharing the link. But seriously you should not believe that story.


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