09 October 2013

My BBS Debut on YouTube

My BBS TV debut on Rigsum Sherig Collection is now on YouTube. For all those good friends who gave hundreds of good excuses for missing my program can now shut up and watch it. Before you click on the play button, be reminded that it was my first appearance and lower your expectations.

I assume you finished watching by now. How many "actuallys" did you count? Who all said that word generously? I have put up a quiz on Facebook to find out how many actually's I said on the show but not many seemed to have watched the show at all. My best friend Chencho's wife commented that he said 'that's my friend on TV' more than I said 'actually' on the show. I know only he can proudly do that.


  1. wai Passa, I gave the statistics on 'actuallys' on the facebook. however if i may share here, then, you actually said 47 'actuallys' in a show that lasted little more than 30 minutes.....like wise Namgay Zam BBS came in second with 18 'actuallys' and third came Boaz with 7 'actuallys'

    I actually may be wrong though...because I actually counted the 'actuallys' in my office, where i actually also work side by side....

    By the way i think i need that collection too....

    ha ha Have a nice time man...

  2. Passu is there an option to like the comments Posted here. I actually loved the comments posted by peldhen Sonam Nima.
    But Watever, I also carried the pride of seeing u on BBS. Actually I also proudly declared to my guest tht u r a friend. :)

  3. This is the first time I watched a BBS Program till the end. Somehow, your 'idea selling' or advertisement or whatever works. You spoke well, despite it being your first time. And I am already on the website to check the collection.

  4. I appreciated the homework done by Kunzang Thinley. Nice one. "Actually" leading to another level of your debut interview, Passa. Perhaps you would remember this interview throughout your life by this word.

  5. Actually the point is, if you count 'actually' you will be distracted but I know PSN would have watched at least twice, once without counting it and other for counting. Thanks for sincerely counting. Which means no one wins my quiz on Facebook.
    Kunza and Chador, thank for being soft with my first experience. Your words mean a lot to me, and I know I can always count on you for endless inspiration.

  6. with your 48 'actuallys' i found out that Rigsum Sherig Collection is going to be of a great benefit. Got to check the collection. keep posting.

  7. Riku, 'actually is becoming very popular, I think I should start a business with the name "Actually' ha ah ha

  8. D Pema, yes, each 'Actually' is counted as one star to The Rigsum Sherig Collection. After getting the collection don't forget to Join Sherig Collection Group on Facebook, for help and feedback.

  9. sir
    I actually started to watch so that i can count how many 'actuallys' you are saying, but the content is so good that i actually forgot to count!...
    I will definitely check it now.. you are such an inspiration...

  10. Tshewang Dorji, that's is so good to know. Now watch again if you wish to count bit I am thankful for the comment.


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