31 October 2013

Love Story and Real Life Story

My son is in love and he is very serious about it, which makes me very happy as a father and as a friend to my grown up son but there are some thing I want to tell him about love and life but he won't listen to me, perhaps he thinks I am too ugly to judge his love story or perhaps he thinks I am too old to understand  his way of life. I don't blame him and his school of thought. They are inspired by our generation.

Our generation, who are now parents of young adults are responsible for reshaping the culture of modern Bhutan. We were the ones who introduced love story in schools, who were the ones who experimented with drugs, we were the ones who formed gangs and popularised gang fights, and therefore now we are paying for all the wrongs.

I personally have no hand in any of the revolution in schools those days, I fought but alone, I loved but silently, and to my parents I have been the best son who gave them happiness every year and who never bothered them financially or socially. Perhaps that's why it hurts worst when my own child doesn't pay attention to my words.

I was only explaining to him a simple concept of love and life. At his age it's his natural right to fall in love and think that the world revolves around his girlfriend. At his age it's also obvious to love the song "when we are hungry, love will keep us alive." But sometimes it's foolish to wait and learn from ones own mistake, we could easily learn from others mistakes. I have seen that love doesn't keep people alive when they have nothing in the kitchen.

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I have met many high school lovers of our time living desperate and pathetic lives and wosres without each other, they have tasted real life and understood that their high school love wasn't enough to keep them together. I don't want my son to regret his love story like them, I want him to have a wonderful life with her and tell their children about their long love story. For that to happen they must concentrate on building the foundation of good life, which is education.

If they truly love each other and have serious intention of living the rest of their life together they should inspire each other to study harder, promise to bring great results, insist on completing homework, remind about assignment, and all the loving things that will bring them joy and seal their future.

But encouraging each other in bunking school, missing classes, ignoring homeworks, spending wasteful hours on phone and Facebook chat, and cheating parents and romancing will only bring momentary and selfish pleasure. These are recipe for a disastrous life and relationship. They will hate each other for being the reason for their failure in life.

But there is still time and I want my child to listen to me once seriously and live his love life intelligently. I also want my students and all the student lovers to decide how they want to live and love...


  1. ha ha.. Nice. I want to see your son for real. And well, Sir, You know what they call it. High School Love is the Only True Love. Nothing Matters then. :).

    You are very right, because Life is bigger than these few days with the loved ones. He should get it sooner.

  2. Interesting!...some say high school Love story is momentary but i also have seen the same high school love story keeping them together throughout!...would love to hear the developing story further in future..:)

  3. Very insightful post, Passu Sir! Indeed, only by being a parent you can understand today's kids better, even understand yourself much better. I pray that your son would listen to you, for high school love is all distraction and path to wrongdoings. But as you said, there are successful stories. I loved this post, very much!

  4. Ya, right.

    We feel we know the best, but they seem to know/ think better! Thankfully, my girls have some listening tendency (at my wrath) and they say I am 'very good at understanding'. I wouldn't mind they coming home with their boyfriends so long as they do not step out of the right way - discipline, constructive relation and right motive.

    In a way, these are signs that your son is becoming a man :P

  5. I ve also been those time when i was in high school. I did mistakes like u said but no regret coz that was my best time of being in love. I ve learned abt love story n life story.. Thank u sir, its really good one.

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