29 August 2010

All good things come to an end

Dechen in the Center (in White) during her office Picnic

Dechen is one rare species of humankind; fat body with the fattest heart. Her life is boring without a single enemy. She makes sure everyone gets a seat in the hall and there is chicken on everybody’s plate. She has become a part of my family; she is our driver, second mummy to my kids, second husband to my wife, and second wife to me (joking). She is the best human we know in Wangdue, but Wangdue ran out of its luck this morning or may be we were unlucky; Dechen packed her home and left for Thimphu.

We were so lucky to have crossed path with Dechen who left golden footprints in our lives. Tonight the sky over Wangdue seems darker. Goodbye Dechen you can’t leave us, we will follow thee.


  1. Everything comes to an end. The only permanent thing in the world is 'change'. Very few people leave golden footprints in our lives and someone told me everyone comes into our lives for a reason; when the reason is fulfilled, people just drift away from our lives.
    You can always keep in touch with her. Seems like she really has the fattest heart. You are lucky Passu, you came across someone like Dechen. God bless her.

  2. Thanks Auro. Really Dechen may be the only lady who ever understood me besides my wife. I am gonna miss this fat lady.


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