01 August 2010

Photographing Flowers

This morning while students were anxiously waiting for their result, with their parents seated in the hall with teachers, I was trying to calm my nerves too with my camera. I took some shots of some flowers but i don't know their names.


  1. I am happy that Yeshey Dorji saw my pictures and said at least something (but on another post). Photography is too expensive for me at the moment even with all my love and interest invested in it but things will change and I hope to live my dream someday.

  2. It's never too late to learn! And I am doing it on my own! Of course, one cannot expect oneself to join the pros with sleek gears instantly - it can be quite hard on the purse for regular civil servants like us :) But the bottom line is to practice hard and get the basics right so that you'll be all set to snap away once you are able to upgrade! Best wishes...


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