10 August 2010

Drukpa: The Brave Lives on

First Issue of Drukpa
When Drukpa Magazine was launched December last year I was wondering why people don't learn from mistakes. We saw many glossy magazine launches in last few years but never saw their second issues. Some shops are still selling the first issues of those dead magazines. So there was no reason why I should be excited about Drukpa even though I love reading Bhutanese writings so much.

But to my glorious surprise I am holding the eight issue of Drukpa today and before I even started reading the first word I just looked at the caricature of Jurmi Choling and kissed it, "man, you are real something". I know even Drukpa might not have profited a bit but it is not all about business, it has to be more about loving to do the thing and I can't praise Drukpa team enough.

The Great 8th Issue
This magazine has a wonderful history; a man who was going to start a mining changed his mind and invested in something less lucrative, but he knew he was up to making a history. If he had gone for mining he would have made fortune so far but hundred years from now people will look at the deep hole on the mountain and curse him. Drukpa will earn him love and more love as years go by. I already honour this visionary man.

I hope to write for Drukpa when the theme is something I am interested in but every month I am keeping aside Nu.100 for the Brave Magazine which lives on.

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  1. This does wonders for our inspiration! Keeps us going...thanks for such a wonderful lift Passu, its greatly appreciated. Please do send us your articles/essays/commentaries...we'd be glad to publish them if they carry any sort of social bearing.
    Working on the 9th issue and rest assured, we'll keep churning them out and keep the boat afloat. We owe it to readers like you. CHeers, Jc

  2. JC,
    I am wondering what must the theme be for the 9th Issue?

  3. The Theme for the Sept. Issue is WOMEN (and really, what could be more broad (no pun intended) and enticing!)
    Please do write if you havbe anything interesting in mind.
    PS: deadline's 23 August.
    Cheers, jc

  4. Jai Hoo!
    Never known there is someone who is proud with Drukpa & its Publisher with writers writing all about Bhutan & its people, with unheard & unheard history of the Kingdom of Bhutan...
    lets wait for time to come & a day when Drukpa stands in history with a vision being "PROUD TO BE ONE"

  5. thanks for your support man and yes we are getting our ass kicked financially but what the heck, it is darkest before the break of dawn.
    you are what keeps us inspired, thanks again.

  6. JC, Jigme and Subash,
    Drukpa has already made its golden footprint on the sand of time... while other mags only can imagine a biannual, triannual or seasonal issues Drukpa dared a monthly issue. While other are forgotten by this time, we are blessed with the 8th Issue of Drukpa...
    Please keep going for us, for Drukpa and for your dream!


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