29 August 2010

My Daughter Becomes Nine Month Old

Sonam N Tshomo near Chimmi Lhakhang
9:09 PM this evening my daughter became nine months old. Thank you, God, for the nine months of extreme happiness and thank you more for leading us through the heart breaking moments. Being a parent is the most serious business I have known for the last nine precious months; business where all our love is invested without a slightest expectation of return. All you ever want back is an innocent smile, which my daughter, Sonam N Tshomo has lots to give.

List of SNT’s Activities for the Record
  • tore two pairs of shoes
  • broken a Walker
  • speaks a lot (her own Language)
  • shoots from room to room at supersonic speed
  • shits only when put in walker
  • doesn’t even have her first tooth
  • uses her left hand most of the time
  • hates playing with toys- she likes real things
  • dances to Dzongkha songs
  • farts like a big fat lady
  • uneasy with new people
  • sweats heavily
  • can clap, wave, and dance when asked to
  • can say apa, mama, angay, … and hundred others sounds
  • hates sleeping in Cradle


  1. and i wish her so many happiness....and hope you find the world's greatest joy in her and through her for the many coming years........beautiful people just donot happen..and when they do, its a blessing....i hv a sister who is just 7 months old...she is the only girl to my parents and the only sister to her five big brothers....and i say there's nothing sweeter than evathing that relates to her.
    cheers for your daughter..

  2. Sogyel, thank you for the good wishes. I wish your little sister so much joy and security in the arms of her five brothers. She is so lucky! I too have a little sister who in now in class I. I was like father to her and I know how much happiness comes with a sister.

  3. Congrats to a proud dad and a loving brother.

  4. Lovely!!!! I simply Love ur Daughter!!! N ya I could see How attached she is to u Guys!!! Ur Family really Looks Perfect!!! I really m happy to know u all!!! May U all b happy alwys n may Baby Sonam hav a wonderful Life!!!

  5. @ Sangay, thank you so much.
    @ Pinkpunk, I am inspired by your family- the love and attachment you people share. Thank you so much.

  6. Ohh sir Love u for dat!! n Our family seems similar, coolest Mom n Dad, Loving n caring elder brother n sweet n cute younger sister!!LOL!!!!! Thanks 2 u guys too!!!


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