14 August 2010

Living after Death

Earlier this week BBS headlines included a piece of News from Japan; body parts of a dead man were donated. And our students also brought it in the headlines of Bajo Broadcasting on Saturday this morning; of course they always make hot news out of stale ones. I was translating the news to my Singaporean friend Germaine and to my surprise she was surprised. She asked, “How come it is even news?” She told me that in Singapore everybody donates by default.

Then I wondered about our culture; we burn everything and perform expensive rituals. And people believe that if the body couldn’t be cremated well or the rituals weren’t performed right the soul won’t find its path and may come back as a ghost. But Buddha didn’t teach us so. He taught us to be selfless, he taught us to detach ourselves from our body even when we are living, but what are we doing? We don’t want to give up our body even when we die, worse we burn it- how selfish.

Bhutan should be the first country in the world to adopt body parts donation as national pride by the virtue of being the only Buddhist GNH country. But I am sure we will be the last country to be because we are so resistant to good change.
No matter what I am agreeing to donate my body parts after I die; I want to live after death. I swear I will not come back as a ghost.

My Take away List!
  • Take my heart, it is strong and good.
  • Take my brain, it is only half used.
  • Take my kidney, they are stonefree.
  • Take my liver, I only drink occasionally.
  • Take my Lungs; I only smoked for three years.

But Don’t take my stomach, it’s bad, it took in lots of chickens, goats, cows, yaks, pigs, even some frogs. It is the source of unhappiness. Give it to my family for cremation. And during my funeral ask them to play Scorpion’s Wind of Change. And know that I am living after death because my heart will still be beating…


  1. Interesting thought, I must say, and written in an enticing manner.

    What do you say of those who believe in cutting off the body parts and laying them in the open for birds to feed on??? Would this be some kind of donation???

  2. Put me in your donor's list too.

  3. Quite humorous. But I am sure you don't mean it. I really liked your take-away list though. However, when I die, I would love to be treated in a way that all our Bhutanese ancestors were treated. And I don't see how anyone would recognize you when are just a skeleton. That would rather instill fear in others living. I would not want to do that. Hehehe...anyways, a nice piece of revolutionary thought. I dare you, PaSsu...I dare you.

  4. Tshering, chopping the body to pieces and feeding to fishes and birds is more reasonable than burning it to ashes. Air pollution.

    Dorji, I don't know who should be responsible for something like this, if ever it should happen. I wish I have the power to make this list. Thank you for sharing my feelings.

    Penstar, I didn't know you are somebody who wants to be burnt into ashes. Don't follow our ancestors blindly. Remember we are the ancestors of the future, we need to consider some good changes...I will write about why we shouldn't follow them in certain aspects.

  5. Hi PaSsu,

    Is something wrong with the Writers' Association of Bhutan Blog? It does not seem to be opening.


  6. Yeshey,
    There is problem with our server in India (webmasters tells me). I hope it solves soon, I am dying without it. I am happy you are reading our blog. Thank you but sorry for now. By the way tell me why you pass by.

    Apologies to all our member.

  7. Hi PaSsu,

    I pass by your blog as well as the Writers' Association Blog - every day :) They are among 2 out of 12 Blogs I visit regularly. I thought of registering as a member of the Writers' Association of Bhutan - but I am of the view that I don't fit in - rather, my type of writing does not fit in with those that I read here. Nonetheless, I love reading what I find there. So, while I may never become a member at the WAB's blog, I will continue to visit the blog and read articles that interest me. As a none-member, I know I am not allowed to post comments but that is alright.

  8. I am very happy to be in your list of blogs but I don't understand why you think the way you think about writing in WAB blog. We regard you as one of the best writer- WAB Admin Ngawang called me last time to tell me how much he liked your blog posts (the few articles among the great pictures).
    I see no reason why you should deprive us of your wisdom. You better join us and write comments there even if your schedule doesn't permits full length articles. You know, just by being there you are going to inspire a lot of us!

  9. Hi PaSsu,

    OK .. I will join there at the WAB Blog .. but I am off to Bumthang tomorrow and so I will do that when I return.

    Bye and thanks


  10. I like your take away list; adorable!

  11. @thanks Ko Soo. The list is for real, I meant everything.Only I didn't know some organs can't be donated, and there are others which could be donated but I didn't know. All in all I don't want my family to burn my organs which could be of help for others who are still living!


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