01 August 2010

Smiles and Tears

It's Okay, Darling

Oh, it is 1 AM already, so it was about yesterday I am going to write now. The result day. It has never been bigger. Our hall couldn't hold all the parents. After the result was declared I walked around teasing kids and asking their results. Among the smiles and tears I stood still to watch a little girls crying on her father's chest. 
I liked the girl's tear because it shows she was sorry and I liked the father's hug because that's what a parent is for.


  1. Touching indeed. For us those days, our parents were far from us to either praise our excellent performance or lend helping shoulder in the times of failure. But I am sure, they never loved us less.

  2. Hi Passu

    I finally made it to your blog. I dont have the time to read your articles - but I did take a look at your photos. One thing I can say offhand - they were mostly shot in bright sunlight. Not a very good lighting condition to get proper details of the flowers. Try shooting under even lighting conditions.

    Yeshey Dorji

  3. Thank you so much. Yes, I can't catch the actual details. There was fresh dew drops on them but I couldn't get them right. Even the lens is ordinary to do any magic. I think I have to go on apprenticeship under you during my winter vacations.

  4. Hi PaSsu

    It was great meeting you at the None-Fiction Creative Writing workshop in Thimphu.

    May be we can meet again during the winter - I will be in Wangdue/Punakha area quite often.

  5. Yeshey, You ran away before I could get you to sign an autograph for me. I even wanted to touch your cameras but you came without one. Anyway I will be looking forward to your Wangdue visit. And I assume you accepted my apprenticeship request.

  6. Hi Passsu,

    Apprenticeship is a bad idea - in fact one photographer from Mumbai recently wanted to come as my apprentice. I refused - on the grounds that he will take me away from myself or I will take him away from himself. Photography is all about individuality - and two photographers working or shooting together can "infringe" on each other.

    But I will be happy to give you some pointers - for whatever they are worth - when we meet and are able to spend more time together.

    Take care

  7. I respect your opinion but I only meant learning from you. I won't mind you infringing me for that's what I want. Anyway I m happy that you are agreeing to teach me. Internet can teach me a lot but there is something more in learning from you- the inspiration!and that's exactly what I want!

  8. Heart touching and mind blowing


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