20 September 2010

Dear Teachers, whip my son when required

I am a teacher myself and I quite understand your life in school, therefore I grant you the permission to whip my son when required; the law forbidding that is devised by people residing out of school, so ignore it.

Thrash him if he is not serious about his studies when you tell him politely, thrash him if he doesn’t bring his home work on time repeatedly, thrash him if he tries to cheat on you in anyways, and thrash him if he breaks school rules intentionally, but forgive him after that, give him chance to improve.

Like any other parents I will blame you if he fails in your subject but unlike them I will acknowledge you more if he does well. He is your responsibility. He is an intelligent child in search of an inspirational teacher and I hope you will give him the wings.

He has a dream of his own and I urge you not to force your dream onto him, let him understand his dream and let him find his way.

I love my child and I don’t want you to hate him. Tell me in advance if you hate him so that I could change his class for I can’t change the attitude of hateful teacher. While I permit you to beat him I also want you to have objectives attached with each spank and let it not miss on to his vital organs.

And most importantly, don’t not touch my child in anger, for anger is unreasonable and I don’t want my child beaten by a fool, in such case I can be worse.

Love and regards


  1. I fully subscribe to your rational behind granting teachers to whip their students!

  2. Pema, Thank you for dropping by. And thank you for even subscribing to my rational.

  3. Yeshey, where have you been for so long? Anyway thanks for agreeing with me.
    Unfortunately when I was a kid in school I was at the mercy of angry teachers... something very wrong.

    By the way, from 24th to 26th I am photographing Regional Sports Meet in my school, this comes after my two successful assignments, of course I get nothing for that but I have come to appreciate photography as a return in itself. Bless me Yeshey!

  4. wow.......a message to a teacher from a father who is also a teacher....its nice, i kind of a get feeling that u reflect yourself so much in a message to your son's teacher. cant imagine more than you being a great teacher..........good luck sir...

  5. Hi PaSsu

    Great! Here is wishing you all the luck. If I have time, may be I will drop by.

  6. Sogyel, Thank you. Can't think of anything better to say. Thank you millions!

  7. Yeshey, you must be joking me, I would be the happiest if you drop by... I am borrowing a camera with a bigger lens from a friend during the event and I am afraid if I can use it correctly. But more than that if I have you around I would be inspired beyond words!

    Hoping to see you...

  8. Hi PaSsu,

    Trust me, I will make my most sincere effort to be there - either on the 24th or the 25th. In the meantime, what camera body are you going to be using?

  9. It is Nikon. I don't remember the model and other details. I tired it once last time and I knew i was bad in using it when set to manual mode and worse I don't like auto mode. There are a few buttons (both on lens and camera)which we know nothing about.

  10. Yeshey, 25th would be a good day for you to come. 24th is just arrival of people and no sports action. For your information, schools from Gasa, Punakha and Wangdue are meeting...

  11. Hi PaSsu,

    Happy Blessed Rainy Day!

    Actually my coming to your school had nothing to do with photographing the sports activities there in your school. I had something else in mind. But now that you tell me you are going to be using a Nikon body, my enthusiasm has waned and I am no longer so keen :(

  12. I am truly saddened by the views expressed here and as a mother I would like to say that I totally disagree with all of you. I am not a teacher but if a Teacher EVER laid a hand on my child, whether it was his fault or not, he/she should be held accountable not only be me as a parent but also by the State.
    If you want to know why:

  13. Hi Sonam, I am happy that at least one person disagrees with me. I know why you have that feeling, because all the parents here share your feelings. Every now and then we have some parents threatening to take some of our teachers to court.
    I am a witness to many of this cases and I see that some teachers deserve that but there are other cases where the good intention is painted dark.
    I know and everybody knows that it is bad and illegal but in a Bhutanese school it will take time, we have to break the hard box first.

    Until things change I only wish if teachers don't beat children in anger!

    Thank you sonam, I read your blog on Corporal Punishment and found that your view exactly matches our dream, we are working hard towards reaching that stage of time.

  14. Yeshey,
    I shouldn't have mentioned Nikon, not only because it discouraged you, because I didn't get it. I took for granted. So I am using Canon with that regular lens now. I wish this could change your mind.
    Hundred thoughts played games in my head after your last comment; what must be your intention? not to photograph, cannot be to see the camera (since you have the best) but why Nikon killed your interest? ha ha ha I am still carrying a big question mark on my head!

  15. Hi PaSsu

    Sorry ... it is now confirmed that I cannot come. I have been asked to attend a meeting tomorrow in connection with the World Tourism Day that is being celebrated on the 27th.

    I will tell you some other time why I was very keen to be in your school on the 25th.

    Take care and best of luck during your sports day.


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