01 September 2010

Two things I want to own before I die

Otherwise I am a simple man with very limited demands and desire; I am ok with one pair of shoes in a year, black and white mobile phone, second hand car... but there are two things I wish for despite all my limitations. I don't want to die without a big canon Camera and an iPad. With a Bhutanese salary I know I can never buy any of these but I will work hard or may be I will have to finally agree on going for Masters if at all it should give me enough money to buy these two gadgets.

iPad, something I wanna walk with!
Camera of my Dream


  1. Not bad. Good wish. Pray and include me in your prayers too.

  2. Hi PaSsu,
    Dreams and hopes are good things to have - they motivate you to go that extra mile.

    Let me know if I can be of help in making you realize your dreams. Sad to say that you missed a great opportunity - I just sold my EOS 40D to a friend at a through away price. Had I known that you had an interest in it, I could have let you have it.

    Anyway, here is a site where you can view all the latest model camera gear. I like to think that this is perhaps the biggest and the most trust worthy electronics store in the world:


  3. Yeshey,
    Thank you for the site.I will visit it right away but I know I can only window shop at the moment.

    I would have applied for a loan if i had known you were selling that camera, I would have loved it more than a new one because I need inspiration more than anything.

    Now that you know what I am after I hope you will inform me first... as of iPad when my pocket coincides your foreign trip I will ask you to bring me one.

  4. Penstar,
    when you have a dream, a dream that makes your heart beat faster nothing can stop your from achieving it... well if these two things excites you like they do onto me then I am more than happy to wish them for you...

  5. hi passu ,
    i just droped by to say that i have gone through all of your articles and i love all of them..
    ..hop to see more..

  6. Thank you OnG for dropping by, I will try writing more and better and wiser...

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