09 September 2010

My King and I- The Best Moment of my Life.

My Short visit to Heaven

I graduated in 2006 December, employed in 2007 January, got paid in 2007 July onwards, and was called for convocation only in 2009 October. All my friends were coming and they called me up to come, which is the only reason why I had to agree on going back after three long years. It was too late for them to tell us that we have graduated. Some friends had passed away in those three years.

Upon reaching there I thanked god that I came, because His majesty the King graced the occasion. To add to the glory his majesty posed for photograph with each one of us. I was about 700 teachers behind and yet shivering with excitement. As my turn neared I was almost flying and fading. When I finally gave the closest bow to my king, received the scroll and stood next to him I couldn’t feel myself anymore until I felt the royal pat on my shoulder. If I had a little weaker heart I would have fainted. That was the moment I felt totally enlightened. When I recomposed myself I forgave the convocation and thanked it for giving me the life’s best moment.

I even forgive Kuensel for letting me come there over and over for the last one year and a half for the Picture.  And I forgive the person there for not giving me the softcopy of the picture. 


  1. wow.....lucky ones....huh!!!!..
    sir, i think i know u now..u teach bajothang high school?

  2. I think 2009 Convocation was on October, 2009 not in February

  3. Sogyel, you are right, I teach in bajothang HSS. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Jigme, I think you are right... because i remember writing leave letter...if it in Feb then it should be winter break... Sorry for the mistake. I will correct it, which will add more time gap between my graduation and the convocation, lol. Thank you for the visit!

  5. Shared your joy :)
    Happy for you :)

  6. Really happy moment for you! I wish i get the same blessings ...


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