27 September 2010

Exam for the Future

This morning I made Nu.300 invigilating Dzongkha Language Proficiency Test in my school. Thank you ECB for the occasional treat, otherwise we teachers hardly get to see anything more than our salary.

I don't know if my translation of the test as DLPT is anywhere close to what it really is but from its objective I can understand just that. In Bajo alone 404 candidates sat for the exam which shall give them the license to run for Local Government leaders' post sometime soon. Of course popularity in their own villages should be a bigger test since it is voting that will decide finally.

It is reported that there are close to 5000 people sitting for the test across the nation today and I am keen to know how many of them knew why they were doing it. In my center here, a few of them where truly surprised when they were asked to read and write. While it was inspiring to discover that one of our students also sat for the test along with her sister and father.

It took us far more time and energy to get the folks into the hall than anticipated, but at least in my hall I was given full cooperation despite occasional jokes from old men, which shook the house with laughter. Today all of them are just another group of dreamers but someday a few of them will be our leaders.


  1. Hi just received your post on my blog. Thanks.
    This post of yours was very interesting. It sounds like you are a part of history in Bhutan administering the literacy test! Do you ever have an interest to run for office yourself?

  2. Thank you Linda,
    I have never really considered it seriously but future looks great. I will have to stand up if there be need but as of now everything is going good and Teaching needs me more!

  3. Hi,
    Do you mind if you could tell me where was the Dzongkha Language Proficiency Test being held?


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