04 September 2010

An Old Book Can't Decide my Daughter's Destiny

After becoming father I was surprised to find myself turning into an orthodox man; I would touch fire or water before I see my daughter when I come at night, I would put a black mark on her face when taking her out in dark, and we would take her to a temple if we had a bad dream…

But one thing I could not agree on is writing her destiny- keytshe. People say it is crucial for us to ask an astrologer to see what destiny has in store for our daughter and get it written down. I am told that we have to give astrologer the date and time of birth and he will go through his book and find out the details of our daughter’s life; as in how long will she live? How would she live her life? What would she become? How would she die? What are her bad or good days and years?

My question is who wrote that damn book? And when was that book, which could tell everybody’s fate, written? I know God didn’t write that book, and I am sure it must be written hundreds of years ago during the times when people still thought earth was flat. And tell me how possibly could such book dare talk about a life of person living in the age of computers and rockets?

I want to bring up my daughter with the belief that her life is what she makes of it and not decided by her birth. I want her to know that she has options in life and each option has its own consequences. I want her to have dreams of her own and work hard towards them. She should grow up to know which pen she chooses to write her own book of destiny.

Sonam's Birthday on calendar
Date of her birth is important to us because it was then our daughter came among us with bundle of happiness, and therefore I have cut November month of 2009 calendar and laminated it to be presented to my daughter when she is grown up. As of myself, though born in modern times don’t even known my actual birthday and don’t have a picture of my childhood.


  1. I'm glad to see you questioning this practice, PaSsu. It mirrors my questioning of many beliefs while I was living in Bhutan. In my case, I started out thinking of them as superstition, but they proved true too often to ignore. I wouldn't say I 'believe' now, but...

    Murray Gunn

  2. Thank you Murray for visiting my blog...
    As of proving true, it is matter of probability, and even I can tell a lot; because if things don't go as told it can be easily forgiven...


  3. Murray, looking forward to your book: "Dragon Bones"
    I hope Bhutanese friends forgave you already for the Book description which did sound a bit negative but sometimes truth is like that only.

  4. Thanks PaSsu. It should begin shipping this week. I gave my publisher your blog details. He may send you a copy. I'll be interested to hear what Bhutanese people think of my observations and descriptions.


  5. Murray, I am waiting for it excitedly. I will read it line by line and see if I find myself there. Thank you so much for the high regards you placed on me.


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