06 June 2010


I was dying to own a professional camera but looks like I have to wait for sometime. While I wait my friend Yam let me use his camera for about two weeks. It was like dream come true. I got plenty of great shots of my family, especially my daughter's. The following two are my first try on something different.
Caught in my Aunty's garden
Potted Flower attracts Butterflies too!


  1. Way to go man. If you can take such shoots on a borrowed camera, I can't believe what you would do if you have yours, which I understand is very likely. Nice work. Beautiful shoots - I especially loved the first one, second is good too.

  2. Thanks Ngawang. I wanna buy one sometime in life though. For the timebeing I am satisfied.

  3. Colourful pictures...with lot of hidden stories: love, friendship, survival...everything. Great Job Pasang


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