23 June 2010

World Cup is a global event and not an African festival

I silently rejoiced the failure of South Africa squad to enter the second round of World Cup finals though I have high regard for the Nelson Mandela’s country ever since my high school age. I was even overjoyed back in 2006 when South Africa was chosen as the next World Cup venue. But ever since the onset of 2010 World Cup finals my love for the African nation faded in heavy chaos of Vuvuzela.
 Photo source:vuvuzelasouthafrica.co.za, forgive the integration of center vuvuzela.

Vuvuzela is actually a graceful cultural piece as I was in Hollywood movie Bones but it is far from pleasing when blown in crowd of thousands. It must be their tradition but tradition should not be ruthless. Despite the protest of millions across the world and even the players themselves South Africans selfishly turned their deaf ears. They should realize that the World Cup is a global event and not an African festival. They terribly failed in making 2010 World Cup in their country a memory worth cherish-able for the rest of the world.
Moment you put on the television either the sleeping babies are woken or elders are made restless, and without an option we have to either put off or watch it muted, murdering the very charm of the game.
South African team was doing well but the vuvuzela blew them out right in the first round and I sadistically loved it. I even loved the cameramen for not showing a single glimpse of vuvuzela during the entire tournament so far. When the news channels do show people with vuvuzela pressed hard against their lips I can’t help wishing if all of those turned into penises right into their mouth.


  1. Haha!
    Wait till we host the WorldCUp. We will give them a fair share of our Dung, Bjaling and Rems!
    Today's match is much better (US & Alg). We can finally hear some cheering and whistling amidst the vuvuzela din. Dwindling I guess.

  2. Long time Tongs, where are you? don't see you blogging anymore. Come back man.

    My wife is worried about the picture; I tell her that all the walls carry the picture, just don't worry!

  3. It is part of African culture, so absolutely no problems with the Vuvuzela. As for the football, I would have loved South Africa as hosts to have qualified for the knock rounds, even more so for the great man himself.

    But don't you worry, even with the hosts out of the world cup, the sounds of the Vuvuzelas will be one of the constants of the world cup.


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