24 June 2010

We are more than race winner sperm

Are we still like them?

Unlike twins where the winner trophy is shared by two sperms, all the rest of us are proud race winner from among 50 million sperm cells that took part. But now that we are born we should keep aside our spermish behavior, we are more than that. We ain’t at race anymore. We must get of the race track and head for the refreshment stall. Start living.

Picture Source: scienceline.org


  1. Wow, I am a little confused here...what thou meanst by that? Throw some light on this... but very wonderful metaphor.

  2. Everybody seems to unwear their Bhutanese shoe and be a little rushy, as if they have a train to catch in a place where there is no train at all. So I call it spermish! I am just calling for ourselves to relax and feel the wind kissing our cheeks. Life is not a race! Not anymore.


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