28 June 2010

I Am a Satisfied Hubsonther

What is hubsonther? You might not have heard the word ever because I could only create it a week ago. Three torturing hours of invigilation duties throughout last week gave me room for meditating on a family concept I had in mind for quite sometime. Hubsonther is a noun. It is a stage in a man’s life when he is a son, husband and father together. It also refers to a man in this stage and therefore I am a hubsonther. By now you must have made out the three words I integrated; (Hub)by (Son) Fa(ther).
Hubsonther Family Tetrahedron
Last month when my mother came to visit me I took my family out several times. During these visits to our regular places I would introduce my mother to the local friends and then I would jokingly introduce my wife and daughter too (whom they already know). Then I realized that I was a hubsonther and I silently beamed with pride.
Hubsonther is the most challenging period in a man’s life; having to please three different generations of people. My mother remained my highest priority ever since my childhood and she is proud of me for making her proud year after year. There are hundreds of stories my mother would share about me back in village. And that makes me a good son.
Wife is someone you choose from among the strangers and give her the best place in your life but often people land up growing distant from their bloodline after marriage in process of pleasing that one woman. But the fact of life is you only get to choose wife in life, not your mother, father or siblings not even your children. Therefore marriage is more than your personal love. Love is blind and often selfish therefore leave it aside while dealing with something as serious as marriage.
I have known my wife before I loved her, which is why she is a gift to my mother and when my mother appreciates the gift that becomes blessing for my wife. That is not an easy task to bring two women of different generation into harmony. Rest is all in my hand to be a responsible husband and I have often overheard my wife talking about her happiness with her old friends over the phone. And that makes me a good husband.
I am my step son’s best friend in all aspects; we share common interests and ideology. He appreciates me and I envy him except his carelessness in studies. We are on the same side every time we are into family debate against his mother. My daughter is just too small to comprehend my love now but I am confident that she will be proud to call me father when she grows up. For now I am giving up on all my personal ambitions just to be by her side every night. She already acknowledges my presence and I feel like I am a good father.
Tetrahedron Chick here for source
Mathematically hubsonther is a tetrahedron, the four triangular faces representing my mother, my wife, my children and I in perfect fit, with every side attached to the other three sides equally. I won’t like myself to be a better son than I am a husband, or better father than I am a son, I wish to be equally good in all three just as the geometric shape illustrates. Tetrahedron is one of the most stable three dimensional shapes just as my family is and that gives me unlimited pride and satisfaction. Thus I declare I am a satisfied hubsonther.


  1. Haha... PaSsu very unique and nice concept. I think all these examination invigilation duties forces you to wear your creative hat. One happy and satisfied hubsonther you are. What if you have a grandma like me? What does that make you? Grahubsonther? Haha...and what if you have niece and nephews with you?

    Nice work Passu.

  2. Aha! Good one.
    Nice soul seraching you did there. Otherwise quite hard to maintain this equilibrium as a human being mosh.

    I am a lil' tied up wai. I am trying to dedicate my time for the thing I came here for and it demands a lot of my time :) But I am getting done soon and I hope to be then able to take up my sword/pen and start tossing some words and see how cranky I have gotten. I just have time now to read yours' and chirp a few lines before I zoom out to do something very boring on my table.

    You folks have fun man. Will try catching up with you all soon :)

  3. Penstar, Exam makes life hell for both students and teachers. There are rules such as the duty teacher can't sit in one place, can't come out of the hall, can't read anything, can't sit and write...but until there is any rule forbidding thinking I will think. And Grahubsonther sounds ok if you are lucky enough to have the fourth generation of family still living, but i couldn't be as lucky. I even don't have my father. However, if you are a great hubsonther the rest will be taken care of. I was terribly touched by the pictures of old people begging in Bhutan Times. Where are their children gone?

    Well Tongs, I am happy you took time out to read my blog. but I am sorry for your never ending race with time. Hope this thing will be over soon. It's like ages since I last read your blog post. of course blog post is not everything but it indicates you are not free at anytime, which is a cause of concern. Waiting to read you!

  4. very creative indeed... a new term and the mathematical concept... now m wondering what I should call myself (since I have four generation family members)... u r a gr8 hubsonther and the thats the best part of being a human. :)

  5. Bella, I had time enough to think over the concept and I had passion to write it down but there are hundreds like you who are so good to your parents, spouses, children and grandparents... What matters the most is being good rather than writing about it. So be the same!

  6. Dear PaSsu,

    Great article/Blog. To my surprise, the URL redirection from one page ( which I don't remember exactly) made me land on the very BLOG of yours'. During the very context, I was in Malaysia(KL) attending one training. It was a 2 week(s) training which made me nearly sick. Majority of the people loves sight-seeing. But the case was not same with me and my friend. We heard lots of robbery cases. We decided to stay in the room. The furthest place we got to see/stay was the nearby Hotel from where we used to have spicy ( our-type) food. Your blog kept me engaged for the whole training period.
    Keep Writing.
    And my request : If you could also write some history(ies), perhaps it could add some recipe to the very BLOG.


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