02 June 2010

World Cup verses Mid Term Exam

Of all months in the year FIFA had to choose June for World Cup finals. It’s exam time here in Bhutan, but who cares? I do. We have more football fans in our school than students. This morning the exam time table was put up on the notice board but they already have the World Cup fixture occupying their walls. Every student walks with the notion that the world Cup is bigger than exam, it happens once in four years, while exam happens every now and then.

If I were a student myself I would have already finished my revision, or may decide to ignore the league round, and enjoy finals after the exam is done well. On the other hand some are already busy putting bets. When the World Cup is over, only thing that will bring joy to a student’s life is the exam result, for Cristiano Ronaldo wouldn’t even know there exists a country call Bhutan forget about boy who cheered his every move wearing Portugal jersey late into nights.

As of myself, I have already written an application of request to my wife for the possession of TV remote during the entire world cup season. And because she doesn’t watch serials at all, I got lucky. But my worry will be residing in the next room, over his study table keenly listening to the commentaries and celebrating the goals. My son is the biggest football fan I know, and I don’t know how far his mind will be on his book during the exam.
I bet for Argentina!

Photo Source: bleacherreport.com


  1. wow .. cool one sir,,,
    i am one of such student liking football no less....
    i definitely wanna watch ...

  2. TG, this morning after reading your article on WAB blog I went to your blog. For the first time I realized you are a student. My god, you are so young yet so full of matured ideas. In fact you are the first student in Bhutan whom I know keeping a well maintained blog. I am proud of you. By the time you are my age I can't imagine what you will achieve. Keep going boy, you are special.

    As of World Cup, if you are watching it who will study for you? You better ignore the league rounds and celebrate goals during the knockout, for then comes the charm of watching!


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