17 June 2010

Free Pen Carrying Message with Irony

I was in the Dzong yesterday for clearing up some official mess. One of my CE students working in accounts section insisted on taking me for lunch. The rustic canteen served good meals and attracted every official from the Dzong. Among them was a lady who distributed pens among us. It was a nice pen I got. It took us some time to discover that the pen had glossy scroll that can be pulled like a rubber band. Upon reading what was one the scroll I found out it was from National Environment Commission of Bhutan to spread their message on critical issues like "Save Water", "Reduce Waste", "Reduce Air Pollution", "Save the Forest", "Say NO to ozone Depleting Substance". It carried another page of information on the back page with the heading "Help save our Environment" with the mention of Article 5.1 of the Constitution of Kingdom of Bhutan.

The Irony: The pen is made of plastic, including the scroll inside. It must take about three plastic bags to make pen of this size and quality. Again there must be thousands of such pen freely distributed. Now tell me how can I "Say NO to ozone Depleting Substance" when it is such a nice pen given by a cute NEC lady herself. Or is she checking our ethics?

However, I am thankful to the pen giver lady. This pen is meant for teachers; we can overwrite our class timetable on the scroll. Of course I finished reading the message already. 


  1. Very ironic indeed, but proving very useful to you, I guess. Haha...I won't mind receiving one myself. It is like a man who smokes trying to create public awareness on how harmful nicotine is on our health.

    Good observation anyways. Keep your eyes and ears open.

  2. Very observant!!! Anyways,you liked the pen and person who is giving pen. I do appriciate your style of spreading the slogan on ur blog. And thanks, your putting the pen into "reuse". What did you overwrite on the pen...names of CE std?????

  3. Such irony in abundance everywhere!!! The worst I know of is a teacher or a parent sending his/her student or child to buy him/her a packet of cigarettes or a bottle of beer/chhang.

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